Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New layout and other stuff

Just a quick note to anyone reading Lupines and Lunatics in a reader. The blog's layout has changed. Not significantly, I just prettied it up a bit and removed some clutter. The major thing to note is the new links on the sidebar, particularly the one that goes to my new side-blog, Shooting for the Moon. There's not much there currently, but I plan on filling it with insightful posts soon, so follow now and beat the rush! ^_^ SFTM will be home to personal musings dealing with various subjects, most importantly the quest to get my own book, Bonds of Fenris, published. Lupines and Lunatics will remain up as a pure review blog.

Also: as you might notice, I'm having a little trouble centering the banner up top. Any more experienced bloggers willing to give me a hand?

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  1. I can probably help you get your banner centered, if you like :3 Like the new clutter-free layout, btw.


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